Work with me 

I'm available for retreats, speaking/teaching events, and other collaborative gatherings. Be it large or small, near or far. Life-impact and transformation are my greatest desires, so I offer great flexibility in partnering with event hosts to meet their needs and desired outcomes.

Some things I am especially passionate about: 

  • Sabbath rest retreats that combine in-depth teaching and practical Sabbath experiences.
  • Holistic living retreats that bring greater understanding of body, mind, and spirit integration and incorporate the use of essential oils in that process.
  • Photography as a spiritual practice.
  • Writing and journaling as a spiritual practice.
  • Practicing liturgies and rhythms that incorporate body, mind, and spirit in spiritual formation.
  • Engaging in more expansive, more honest, and healing conversations about sexual purity alongside mind/body/spirit integration.
 photo by Amanda Patterson

photo by Amanda Patterson

Get in touch

I would love to talk more about what we could create together. Shoot me an e-mail and we'll get the conversation going.

Retreat planning and collaboration. Shannon can help retreat hosts optimize their event by helping plan part, or all, of the spiritually formative portions of the retreat.