A Note on Green Wilderness

It is a tension. We associate the wilderness with dry, dusty, fruitless, lonesome. We associate green with the lush pasture, spring, newness, abundance, fruitfulness. What if both were true, at the same time? What if we didn’t have to resign ourselves to either/or? Even in the difficult obstacles and seasons that do come, that will come. Even in the glorious and blissful moments and times that do come, that will come. What if glory and goodness and green exist in the wilderness? What if the wilderness invites us to sanctuary? What if there is “a waking in every wilderness”?*

This wilderness journey, this holding the tensions, this thinking and writing and speaking and exploring and encouraging and praying and growing—it marks my life. Thank you for joining me in the Green Wilderness.

*These Intricacies - Dave Harrity

A Note on Shannon 

A native Kentuckian transplanted to Colorado. She and her husband, John, tend the house and grounds of a little Rivendell. When not welcoming guests, Shannon writes, hosts conversations at the Scuffy Table, and mentors over coffee and dark chocolate. Accompanied by her faithful lab, Journey, Shannon makes her way through the wilderness places, seeking to clear the path for those who want wholeness and freedom.

photo by Audrey Boyd