For the Sabbath

For the Sabbath

A Sabbath Meditation


O God, whose breath sustains us, we settle ourselves down

Resting, quieting our insides by taking deep breaths—

In through the nose, and pause,

And slowly releasing each exhale,

Feeling our body relax

Noticing each muscle loosen

a little more with each inhale, exhale.


O God, who formed our minds,

Who knows the intricacies of each bidden and unbidden thought,

Who understands how we are made,

Can trace the lines of every whole and true pattern

Can untangle each thread of every destructive and false thing

More deep breaths, as our minds also find rest and safety in your love.


O God, who created us with an indelible imprint

The Imago Dei expressed in and through

Each of us

Unique and precious to you

Cherished by you

Free us to live and move as your image in this world

More whole, more true as we yield everything to you

Deep breath in, and out, in and out.


Fill us, Lord,

In body, mind, and spirit

With the full measure of

What is ours in Christ

As we breathe in, fill us afresh with your Spirit

As we breathe out, let us release what is not of you



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