Sabbath Before the Holidays

Sabbath Before the Holidays

Holiday time approaches

Holy days, full of activity, people

and joy

and sadness

Lord, let me be in the moments of rest

you offer me, extend to me

like a gift, like food, like water


Still me, let me not fly ahead

frantic, fretful, no place to land

tired, weary, aching

Lord, let me take rest where you show me I can

be quiet

sit still, breathe deep

your very breath into my lungs


Teach me rhythms of


then rest

Before tomorrow,

before anxious thoughts

seek to rob me of joy

seek to lead me into sadness ahead of time


Lord, let me be in this day

let me see how you ask me

to receive the rest

you lead me to,

to learn, even slowly,

to trust you, even in fits and starts,

and practice the gift of Sabbath



I Will Follow

I Will Follow

The Reflectory

The Reflectory