The Reflectory

The Reflectory

A look back over the week. What I’ve listened to, read, watched. And what I’m learning along the way.

Podcastery: Podcasts from this week that taught me something I didn't know, or encouraged me, or made me think.

Your Story with Melinda—Deidra Riggs' Story of Unity in a Divided World

For the Love with Jen Hatmaker—of Food eps 2: Danielle Walker- the Healing Power of Food

This episode wasn’t news to me, but it was powerful good to remember my own healing journey. Having Danielle’s recipes and insights would have been a gift 13 years ago. I am thankful for the resources available to us right now, thankful for another new resource to check out.

Note to Self—Nyet Just a Conspiracy Theory?

Code Switch—To Fail or Not to Fail: The Fierce Debate over High Standards

This was the third and final installment about a new preparatory school in Washington, D.C.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations—DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good: Sex Worth Waiting For

The Irish Passport—The Irish Slaves Myth

The Lazy Genius Podcast—The Lazy Genius Budgets

Nothing too revolutionary here, but I need to have simple truth in front of me at all times.

Typology—Matt Carter, An Enneagram Skeptic Finds His Number (And So Can You!)

Hearing Matt give candid reasoning behind his skepticism was good fun. If you’re new to the Enneagram, this may intrigue you and give insight into the hubbub.

The RobCast—We Are the Committee


Bookery: Books on my desk and by my reading chair and on my nightstand.

The Gift of Being Yourself, by David Benner

The Long-legged House, by Wendell Berry

The Warmth of Other Suns, by Isabel Wilkerson

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J.K. Rowling

Every Moment Holy, by Douglas McKelvey


On the Webbery: Articles and Videos. What made me laugh, made me cry, made me better because it made me think.

Used Car Commercial // 1996 Honda Accord

YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2017

Miss Peru Contestants Startle Peruvians By Sharing Stats On Gender Violence

Me Too

Kentucky Group Gives Western Mass. A Lesson On Coal Country

Love: A Place to Stand Together


Learning Themery: My friend, June Ann, used to ask whenever we visited, “What’s God been teaching you?”

Grief and Lament bring healing. Moving forward after a loss, a change, a trauma of any sort is possible at all when I spend time with the hurt, when I listen to it instead of trying to make it or myself be more holy, when I give myself grace to grow.

Asking forgiveness brings transparency and relief. It’s tiring to be tight-fisted and fearful about blundering, because we blunder. Best to get on with it and mend what can be mended by asking forgiveness quickly.

I’m weary of judgmental postures. Weary of it in the Church, in our general cultural discourse, and I’m super weary of it in myself. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Heal me. Heal us.




For the Sabbath

For the Sabbath

The F(eminism) Word

The F(eminism) Word