Week One of Advent

Week One of Advent

Once before, when Jesus was born of Mary

and we wait for it, the coming again  

the full and final advent of Jesus

when, at last,  

all will be set into right order

all will be brought into shalom— 

completely complete

wholly whole


In the meantime, we wait

and ache, and perhaps weep

at what is missing

what is unjust

what is cracked, or broken wide open

what is severed  

and bleeding

what we cannot mend on our own


In the meantime, we wait

we dare to hope, to revel even

when beauty grows up around us

when joy surprises us

when small resurrections appear  

when redemption occurs in spite of us

we accept invitations to sow love and peace 

we participate in the work of repair


Once before, and not yet

We wait in the tensions

in the reality of our need, our poverty of spirit

and in the longing and expectation of Advent 

Another Undoing

Another Undoing

Why Integration?

Why Integration?